Since it had good reviews here and it’s affordable, I went to buy a refill. I needed a replacement for my soap container. When I refilled it, I gave it a try and lathered it up in my hands as people were saying. As they say, I could create a fluffy lather! I don’t dislike the smell too. It smells of makeup products from older times. Something floral? I like the smell of the products from Gyunyu Sekken, to start off with! I don’t like body soap that feels slippery on the skin. I applied it on a regular nylon towel and washed my body. As people say, I have no complaints about how good it lathers up. It doesn’t feel that hydrating though. But since I like a refreshing finish, it’s good for me. I can understand that it feels dry in winter. I have dry skin. I don’t like the rough texture of a nylon towel, so the fluffy foam was perfect for me.
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I used to choose body soap by its fragrance, but as I grew older my skin became sensitive, itchy, and dry... Then I tried this product that had good reviews, and it was very nice! Even in winter my body doesn’t get itchy, and I no longer have to apply a body cream after taking a bath! I also like its gentle, natural scent (^^) I don’t know how many times I bought this product... lol I'm getting more when it runs out.
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I bought it because it was the number 1 product at @cosme. This is my second purchase. I try to create a rich, fluffy lather with a foaming net. I don’t wash my body every day. Only a few times a month. (like Tamori-san) My husband has dry skin and restricts his use of soap, and we rarely wash our bodies, so it never runs out. lol My friend who has dry skin was saying that when she switched to a different soap, she gets skin irritation. I like the smell of it. It also gives a nice finish! For me, it's a solid product, so though I gravitate toward other products, I think I’ll always come back to this (lol)
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Elastic lather. I used to use only a sold soap since a liquid body soap made my skin rough and dry, buy this Bouncia has became my only choice ever since my friend has recommended this to me. I can buy at the drug store and the price is reasonable.
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Good foaming and scent! So far I had used a soap since I did not like the slimy feeling of liquid body soap, but somehow I felt wanting to use a liquid soap after a long time, so I bought it. The lather can be rinsed away well, and there is no slimy feeling! I like it so much.
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