I got bored with my regular makeup, and I was looking for a nice product that would freshen up the look. That’s when I found out about this product that had my friend was speaking highly of. Long story short, it does wear off as it is an affordable product, but the finish in the morning looks very beautiful, and it’s a great value. Or at least that's how I feel. I dab this on my skin lightly after applying a BB cream. At first, I felt that the puff is thin, but when I kept on using it, it didn’t matter so much. It creates a truly marshmallow finish, just as the ads say. It has a matte, smooth finish. However, it kept its finish only in the morning, and it often stained my clothes... After half a day it wears off terribly (and shines), but in my case it doesn’t crease that horribly. When I blot my skin and then do a touchup you can get back the matte finish you had in the morning. It is also mild on the skin, and I think it does a pretty good job for its cheap price. I’m about to hit pan on my current one, so I’d like to buy it again.
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I bought this powder for the first time. I am far older than the age group this product is targeted for, but I’m so glad I bought the new shade. I was worried about it feeling dry, but it prevented shines on the nose and cheeks, In a season when you don’t sweat much, you only need to blot your face once during lunchtime. It covers the appearance of pores on the nose and the cheeks instantly, and if there’s no shine you don’t need a touchup. And it doesn’t get cakey like a middle-aged woman trying to hide so much with chunks of makeup. It creates a natural finish. It makes you think my skin might be more beautiful than I think. The name of the shade is Pink, but it is only slightly more pink than the MO, so it looks natural. I’m truly grateful to the people who told me so much about this product. The glittery cute package was too embarrassing for a middle-aged woman like me to carry though, so I switched the case.
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Unlike the glossy skin that’s trendy right now, I personally prefer to create a semi-matte base and add some radiance with a loose powder. I always carry this with me to touchup my makeup. It’s a little disappointing that it’s unscented, but it’s so convenient because I can restore my semi-matte finish in the morning instantly. I do touchups during lunch and in the evening. In the evening it does wear off, but it doesn’t look bad. The puff that comes along is so thin and bad, so I use the puff from Muji. I’m in my 30s and carrying a Canmake princessy case is embarrassing, so I put this in the Perfect Treatment Compact from Maquillage. (It fits perfectly)
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This is the third time I've bought it. For the smaller pores on my cheeks, this is enough to fill them in and conceal them. Didn't work at all for the pores on my nose. Until now, for work I'd been using Maquillage's base and liquid foundation, then finishing it with this powder. but now that I'm mostly staying at home, I don't need to go as far as a liquid foundation anymore, so I just use the Cezanne base, a little concealer where I need it, and them this finishing powder, and it's looking a lot smoother and it goes on better. Looks great! Even for a total makeup junkie like me, skipping foundation doesn't both me at all now! :) Easy and economical! I wonder if I want to get the lavender powder too... Haha
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This is the most matte looking ever. I also recommend applying it with a finger, like a real pro. Usage: Right now, a dewier look is trending, but it's more of a photography trick and fad (like the wet look hair that's in, but whenever you see it in the wild, just looks like someone didn't wash their hair right). I think this is the best matte finish powder. It looks nicer after it's sunk in a bit compared to right after it goes on. No matter how many times you reapply it, it never gets gloopy or heavy. Although if you use the included puff, it's easy to put on too much, so I think using your fingers to apply it directly is best. You see makeup artists using it that way a lot. It blends in faster that way, which I like. Value: It's Canmake, so it's cheap and a decent amount. The problem is… Packaging: It's a cheap Canmake product, so there's the indefensibly lame looking packaging. If only they hadn't put on that shiny gold bit, which is way too much, and just gone for something simple... I don't pull it out in front of people since it almost looks like an embarrassing toy. Minus one star. I actually just switched its case with a Maquillage powder.
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