It's pricey, but since I heard so many good things about it, I bought it. I have chronic thyroiditis, so I always have severe pain in my body, nothing comparable to regular shoulder pain. Since I can't massage myself, I use this. I can use this not only on my face line, but on my whole body. It feels good! It feels like it tightens the body a lot. Sometimes it even hurts. It probably means that I have too much puffiness in my body. If you have this one item, it can both remove puffiness and relieve tight muscles around the neck and shoulders. It also feels good to roll this along my calves and arms. I normally use a massage cushion from Omron, but since I can't carry that when I travel, I take this along with me. I can easily take it out of the bag at the security check, and I can also use it on the plane, so it's really handy. I travel abroad a lot because of my work, and I always take this with me! I just wish it were a little cheaper.
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It was pricey, but I wanted slim legs, so I bought it. It had good reviews here, and was always ranked very high... How can you not be curious about it? At first I didn't know how to use it, but when I checked ReFa's website, there was an instruction video. I use it while watching TV :) I tend to get puffy calves, and using this makes a world of difference. I think the smaller type is easier to use on the face! I use this on my face line too. It lifts it up! You have to keep using it regularly though.
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高かったけど脚痩せしたくて買っちゃいましたよ( ;∀;)
最初は使い方がわからなかったのでReFaのサイトでHow to 動画を見てやってました。
I bought this 4 years ago, and even though it was pretty expensive, I hadn't touched it since. I figured I needed to hurry up and try it out. I had also bought another one that came with 2 bottles. That one is easy to roll on large areas like your hips and stomach. This one has a ball-end, which makes it easier to get between your muscles than the rod-shaped one. It hurts when you press too hard, so I just roll it. I didn't think it was necessary to use this before, but recently I've been thinking that I should do something about my cellulite, lol. I no longer have the high metabolism I used to, so I started doing this as a sort of lymph drainage. I don't know if it works on puffy skin, but after using it, my legs feel lighter. I realized how heavy they were. I feel better whenever I use this, and that's why I use this almost every night. I wish I could work on my back and around the shoulder blades, but it's kind of hard to do on my own, which is pretty sad... And I also noticed that the metal part gets pretty cold in winter. This type of massage is quite hard to do with your hands, so the product makes it a lot easier.
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It’s great to use on the head! My hair salon always tells me my scalp has a lot of tension, and I used Panasonic Beauty for scalp care and brushing to relax things, but the most effective item I found was ReFa. Since I carry a lot of tension in the top of my head, I was in tears from the pain the first day I used it, but the next day I was surprised at how the skin around my eyes had brightened and lifted. … even though I hadn’t used it on my face! That's when I realized that there's a link between my scalp and face. If you use it from behind your ears around to the side of your head, the tension in your temples will loosen. Also, if you loosen the stiffness in your face, facial muscle exercises will be easier to do. The micro current effect promotes supple smooth skin all over. I use ReFa X Carat on the smaller areas of my face and collarbone. I can’t live without either. I started wanting one to use on my body.
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I’ve been wondering about ReFa forever! For my birthday last month, I just dived right in and bought it for myself. The way it seems to suck my skin up to massage is nice. If I use it before makeup, somehow my face feels really refreshed. (I have a rather round face) I notice a difference whenever I take pictures. I have a job where I stand a lot, so I found a new use for this when my legs swell up. I was torn between this one and the smaller size, but I’m glad I got this one because I can use it all over my body. It feels really good around the collarbone…! After going to the gym it seems good for after care, so I use it every day. It doesn’t feel heavy to me, either. It’s expensive but if you use it daily it's a better value than getting a massage!
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