I've been using this mascara since I was a student. People compliment me on my lashes. (Lol) It really elongates, and creates beautiful, voluminous lashes :) I gravitated towards another product once, but it didn't satisfy me, so I immediately came back to Lancome. (Lol) I love this mascara so much that I always have to keep a couple in my personal stock. It also smells nice, and I like that you can remove with warm water. Here's how I use: *Apply once, and it creates long, beautiful lashes. *Apply 2-3 times, and it creates long, voluminous, and beautiful lashes. That's how I use it. It depends on my mood how I apply :)
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I choose clump-free, smudge-free mascaras when I make a purchase, and I like Lancome mascaras for they are also easy to apply and can keep the curl. I can see why people say Lancome makes great mascaras. However, lately there are more affordable, excellent mascaras out in the market, so I feel like I'd be wasting money too, had I become a complete Lancome-mascara fanatic.  You also find nice things when you're looking for affordable makeup, and that's fun too. And I need to spend so much for me to really transform drastically, but how can you put on that much makeup every single day!? lol  I normally spend money on skincare items and try to improve my skin condition, but I put on full makeup when I go shopping or just go out.  I really like to change my looks.    And in these occasions, Lancome does an excellent job. I'm all for this product.    
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 マスカラを選ぶ時の基準として にじまずダマにならない、っていうのは選ぶ時の重要なポイントで、ランコムはさらに塗りやすくキープ力もあり私は好きです。


 ただ最近は値段が安くても良いものが色々と出ているので、これしかないわ! …と、一途にランコム信者になるのはちょっと損してるかな、っていう気もします。 値ごろで良いものを探してみると発見があって、これはこれでイイですよね。

 もちろん私が大変身???するのにマスカラの貢献度はすごく高いけど、 毎日毎日メイクに力を入れてられるか! っていうもあります(笑) 

 どちらかというとスキンケアにお金をかけて地肌力をアップする、っていう方が好きな私だけど、 ショッピングやちょっと出かけるって時はメイクバッチリにします。 とにかく変身しまくります。  

 そういう時、このランコム、力になってくれます。 私はアリですね。 
I read in a review that Lancome comes first if you're talking about mascaras, so I wanted to try, and bought it. I normally switch between 1000 yen mascaras from the cheap brands. When I first held the item in my hands, the package felt luxurious and nice, so it was kind of thrilling. After opening, I was surprised at its fragrance. It smelled somewhat elegant. I curled my lashes with the curler first, and then applied it without using a primer. I have thick, little lashes, and they're about 1 cm long. Because of that, my lashes tend to sag, and this mascara weighed down my lashes immediately too. However, this mascara elongates the lashes a lot! And the fiber isn't flaky! So it didn't clump up, but elongated the lashes smoothly. I usually don't like mascara with fiber since it's flaky and falls off, and also irritates the skin, but I didn't feel any of that with this mascara. But since I want the lashes to curl with mascaras, I couldn't feel like this mascara was THE one. I have dry eyes and they get teary with pollen allergies, but this didn't sting my eyes. And it came off with warm water, which was great. I'd like to try and use this mascara after a curling primer.
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Good separation but not enough volume. This became too sticky for me.
My stubborn eyelashes will lose their curl no matter what, but this separates my lashes nicely, and compared to other mascaras it elongates well so I’ve been using it a lot. I’m already on my second tube. If I want curl hold, I should use a base for that purpose… but I haven’t found a compatible product. There’s a certain skill to apply it, but other people said in reviews that if you don’t zigzag, your eyelashes will lift and lengthen upwards and will look really pretty. During my makeup consultation, although they said to zigzag from the roots, a bunch of my lashes broke off. Finally, I was using it just on the tips of my lashes, and they got longer. Since my lashes got prettier, this is a favorite of mine now.
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