I bought this since it had good reviews. It has good coverage, and makes the appearance of my acne scars and dark circles disappear beautifully! However, it gets a little cakey, and in winter it made wrinkles under my eyes together with the dry weather. It does have good coverage so I used it up, but I didn’t repurchase it. I want to try other products too, and if I have the opportunity, I might buy this again.
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I finally finished using the Estée Lauder one I was using for years, so I was searching for the next product to use on @cosme. Soft Matte Complete Concealer from NARS seemed nice too, but personally I have to use a stick concealer, so I decided to use the stick type from the same brand as I was using. I bought shade 1242 on the internet. The shade looked too bright at first, but it blended in very nicely. I use this after applying a Control Color (orange) from Elegance. The dark circles I wanted to hide become unnoticeable, which makes me very happy. It doesn’t glide so smoothly, so I apply bit by bit dabbing it on with my finger. I deducted 1 star because the cap has a matte texture that gets dirty easily. I know I’m being picky, but it is a little stressful...
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I’ve started using this one and a half years ago, and I’m on my 3rd purchase. I mainly want to hide the dark circles under my eyes, and I was recommended different shades in different stores in my first two purchases. The first time it was pink 1242, and the second time it was yellow 1244. The third time I was recommended the pink 1246 in the store where I made my first purchase (I didn’t tell them the shade I had originally bought). I don’t know if the staff have different opinions or it’s just personal preference, but the shade I’m currently using seems to hide my dark circles the best. I have fair skin with yellow undertone. With yellow skin tone base, dark circles look grey, and if it’s just dark circles pink shades can hide it nicely. It has decent coverage, and I like how it doesn’t crease unnaturally in close-ups over time.
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I bought 1242 after reading the reviews. I use it for my under eye circles. I use a different stick type concealer for acne scars and age spots. It goes on really easily, so it's easy to use. I don't know if this will work well in dry winter weather. But so far, this is the #1 concealer I've used so far. The blue-beige color is there, but the yellow tint isn't very strong, so the almost pink-beige shade is perfect for me. I think I'll probably buy it again.
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クチコミを見て、1242 Vanillaを買いました。クマ用です。

I've used Covermark, Bobbi Brown, and Chanel concealers. This is the best one for me. I've got some dull, dark skin around my eyes, so I've been using concealer for that, but over time it would start falling into fine lines and the wrinkles would stand out, which made me look way older. But this concealer goes on more sheer, but gives me coverage without falling into the fine lines! It's got a perfect feeling of adhering to the skin. No wonder it gets good reviews. I'm not particularly light-skinned, so I got 1242, but it covers the dark areas and brightens up the area around my eyes, which is perfect. You should absolutely give it a try!
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