This is my favorite item and I can't live without it!!! It was a youtuber who first introduced this to me? I don't remember so well but it got me interested so I bought it. I thought I should check it out! That was my impression. For me the size is a bit big but the lid properly fits on top of the pack so it prevents drying and I don't have to worry about stickiness on my hair. It does not slip down so the pack is efficient and good! After I get out of the path, I put on toner and then put on this mask and dry my hair while waiting. If I don't do it like this, I wouldn't be able to use face packs. It's convenient. It is good because I just wash it when it gets dirty and hang it up to dry. This is the third one since the ear broke but I will buy another one if it gets broken again! It is only 100 yen. :) I'll continue using it!
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一回耳かけのところがちぎれたのと紛失したのでこちらは三代目ですwwwたぶんまた壊れても買います!なんせ100円なんでね(*´▽`*) リピート続けます!
I am so glad I finally found it after so many tries. It was good that it wasn't completely sold out. I thought that people who didn't read review websites wouldn't know about it but I was wrong... It is excellent for 100 yen. There is a bit of rubber smell but it is forgivable as it only costs 100 yen. It is handy as I can do a lot of things with the pack on my face and it isn't dry. I feel it isn't so hygienic to use many times so I wash and dry it and then get a replacement. I think the cost performance is good.
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Recently, I started to use individually packed silicone face masks. Just like everyone says, the pack is good and comfortable. When I take out the sheet from the pack, there is plenty of essence and I try to scrape it with two fingers. With Daiso's silicon mask, it doesn't dry out but there is enough essence to be effective. I save the remaining essence in the pack by putting two compressed face packs. I really appreciate this product.
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We have many children and the youngest is a baby who can’t stand on it’s own yet, so bath time is a war zone. My kids’ skin care is a top priority while mine is the lowest… I say this right as the baby has started crying from being sleepy… So… I get out of the bath, put on a sheet mask after face lotion and leave it on at least until the baby goes to sleep. Dryness after getting out of the bath never an issue anymore, and the part that goes over your ears is easy to cut. There’s even a guide for it. I recommend this for busy moms.
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It’s so convenient I feel like people who don’t have it are missing out. Every night I apply the sheet mask and leave it as I use the blow dryer. My face is small but even then, the mask was a bit tight. But following the directions I cut the part that goes over the ears and it got more comfortable. I ripped a part near the ear hole so there’s now another hole by my face, so I wish they’d make 3 sizes or something… After exceeding the standard usage time the sheet mask doesn’t dry out, it just gets better absorbed by the skin, so it’s much like a overnight mask and my skin gets even more supple than if I used one. You can wash it and use it again and it hasn’t totally ripped apart yet, so it’s pretty good for 100yen!
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