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Steam Eye Mask Fresh Rose Aroma
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I had a long flight recently, and I remembered that I had picked up a box of these the last time I was visiting friends in Seattle. I just want to talk about having 11 hour flights. Are they doable? Yes. Are they fun? Sure, sometimes. Does my skin like them? Oh my god no. Can I sleep? Usually not. I usually make sure I bring some really, really hydrating lotions or toners in my carry-on, but one of the things that I really bothers me is dry, itchy eyes on planes. These eye masks are heaven. It looks a little scary, since it's kind of hard to imagine how it could be safe for an eye mask to produce steam on top of your eyes. It's really just like one of those little heat packs that you might carry in winter, like the ones that run off of a little chemical reaction, so it's not like there's scalding hot water on top of your eyes. It's just a really relaxing, soothing steam bath for your eyes, and it doubles as a sleep mask, since it has soft ear bands that keep it on. I personally like the rose scented one the most, since it's just really pretty, but the fragrance is actually a bit strong, so minus a star for that. If you are sensitive to fragrance, the unscented one is probably better. They don't last that long, so it's not like you're going to be getting a 10 hour facial for your whole flight, but it's a nice way to give your eyes a break after all the moisture's been sucked out of them by the plane air.
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