This is my first tube so I can't really tell if my teeth are whiter, but after I brush my teeth with this, it feels so smooth and refreshes my mouth. I've used a non foaming whitening toothpaste before and I just couldn't get used to how it doesn't have any foam. But this Aparagard Premio foams up really nice. I think I'll keep on using this for a while.
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I've tried several Apagard toothpastes at supermarkets and drugstores and in the end, I've been using this for a while now. I have very sensitive teeth but that got better. I drink a lot of coke and 3 cups of coffee everyday plus my husband is a smoker but my teeth is withstanding all that with me brushing my teeth once a day. The taste is mild and doesn't bother me. I can continue using this at ease. But, the price. For someone like me, it's really the maximum price I can afford for a toothpaste. Also, there seems to be many factors that deal with bad breath, so I guess going to the dentist is the best solution. Sometimes I feel like buying new products but I've been using this for a while ☆
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I wanted to get into whitening and bought this. I read reviews saying even out of the Apagard series, this has the most whitening effects. The foam is refreshing and tastes like mint of ordinary toothpaste. Although it has been about 1 month since I started using it, I don't think my teeth became whiter than before. But, after I brush my teeth with this, my teeth seems to be very smooth and glowing. The stickiness inside my mouth is gone and it's a decent toothpaste. I'd like to try using it for a while to see the effect.
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I switched to Premio after having used M Plus. In total, I've used Apagard for just under a year, and I feel that Premio is milder than M Plus. Sometimes I think I should switch to a regular toothpaste considering the price, but it looks like it's clearly effective on my discolored and yellow teeth, so I'd like to keep using it. This seems to prevent cavities and I can remove plaque really well, so overall I'm satisfied with it. (except the price...)
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After brushing my teeth feel smooth and clean. It doesn't make them completely white, but I was quite surprised to see my teeth regain a natural whiteness. This toothpaste is abrasive and too strong. It scrapes the surface of my teeth too much and I get stains from using it. This product contains an ingredient to coat the teeth, so it makes my teeth smooth. It whitens the teeth, and also prevents cavities. If you're thinking of whitening your teeth, please try Apagard's Premio first.
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