I’ve been using Star by Dior until now. But since summer is approaching, I wanted a foundation that wouldn’t wear off easily. I was torn between the rave reviews of Teint Miracle and Blanc, but ended up with this one since I like an emphasis on dewy shine. I have O-02, and it has a bit of a brighter feeling to it. I have super yellowish skin, so I only put foundation on my face, but it still seemed to brighten up my complexion. The texture is milky and smooth, and it has SPF50 and doesn’t dry your skin out. For base I use Dior, and for control color I always use RMK silver. In that order, I get a glossy finish. I’m pretty sweaty for a girl, so I’m glad this doesn’t wear off easily. Even by the afternoon it doesn’t wear off. In terms of coverage, I think there will be people who like its liquidity and people who dislike it. Since it doesn’t stick too hard to the skin, I like it.
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I’m fair-skinned with slightly reddish cheeks, so I got O-01. I was using Teint Miracle, but it was really yellow and looked dull, so I bought this instead. Since this series uses a weaker yellow, I was worried if it would make my pink undertone look yellowish, but it actually fit me well. Compared to Teint Miracle, I think the coverage is a bit stronger. If I apply powder over it, it gives my skin a fluffy, soft appearance. I like that soft, pinkish look more than the glossy look, and with this I get that look along with a highlight effect and a slight gloss. I think my nose makeup is gonna fall off in the summer though, so I’m giving it one less star.
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I bought the actual product, and have been using it every day. I’m raising my score from 6 to 7/7. It has been hot these days, but it doesn't crease. I don’t do any touchup until at night, and only my T-zone gets a little shiny. It also glides so smoothly, and it doesn't exhaust my skin with the high SPF. This is the most versatile liquid foundation for me. The following is my previous review: I was using Teint Miracle during winter, but I got a sample of this foundation since I was looking for a high SPF foundation to use in summer that doesn't crease. I could get 4 usages out of the sample, so I’m reviewing this. This gives more of a matte finish compared to Teint Miracle, but it doesn't get cakey and blends in naturally. It didn't dry my skin out even when I used it on a cold day. When I used it in a warmer weather, only my nose got a little shiny, and I didn't need any touchup all day. It didn't crease in a bad way, so I think it’s resilient to heat and sweat. It has SPF50, but didn't damage the skin: my skin wasn't tired at all after removing the makeup. I really like how it has high SPF and a light wear. I think this foundation will come in handy in spring and summer.
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This foundation has great coverage, but it doesn't look heavy. You don’t need to perfect your skin with a primer as you do with the glowing Teint Miracle, so I recommend this for those who want both casual application and a great finish. However, it has a semi-matte finish, so you have to be careful to choose the right shade for you. It you want to create a luxurious finish of bare skin, go with Teint Miracle, though you need to put more effort into it.
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I’ve finally put an end to my long journey to look for a spring/summer foundation. My skin tone is fair with blue under tone, and I have dry skin. When I compare this to Dior’s Star foundation and Revlon’s Color Stay (I use the actual product 200), this has slightly more coverage than the Star foundation. As for the lasting glow and discoloring, they are about the same. The Star creates sheer skin with light coverage, whereas this is semi-matte. It does give some glow, but not too much. It creates a matte finish that’s in fashion. It’s so wonderful that it doesn't discolor over time. Moreover, it actually seems better as time passes, with foundation blending more with the skin. I was trying to decide between the Star and this, but I wanted coverage and was looking for a foundation to use in the coming season, so SPF50 also scored high on me. And this SPF50 foundation doesn't dry my skin. It doesn't make my skin rough in any way. (BTW, I use Chanel’s Blanc primer). In terms of coverage, Color Stay from Revlon is also nice. It’s excellent when you consider the price, but it does discolor on me quite a bit. It’s important that the foundation wears beautifully even with time :) This foundation creates a semi-matte finish with a slight sheerness. It doesn't crease, discolor, and is SPF50 without drying the skin. It’s good. I recommend it.
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