I bought #4, the black one! I was curious how a black gloss would do... and it looks so pretty. It's nice to layer on lipstick, it's good to use alone; it turns the shade of the product you're wearing underneath even deeper! When you layer on your lipstick, it changes its shade to a nice fall/winter shade, and if you wear it alone, it gives a subtle tint to your natural lips, which on me makes my lips a natural red! My lips have color, so I think this alone is enough if I want a natural finish. It's also interesting that it turns pink (or red?) even though it looks black, and once applied it doesn't wear off so fast, and it doesn't stain the cups when you drink, so it's quite versatile! It feels like a light lip tint rather than a gloss. Canmake sometimes makes these unique products, and they're cheap and are rarely a disaster, so it makes me feel like it's ok to buy when I go to drugstores and spot them. I recommend it to use in fall/winter!
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I have 02 with glitter, 03 the purplish one, and 04 the black one. I actually wanted 01, but then a friend of mine gave it to me. I haven't opened it, but I'm excited to use it. I also keep 03 at home. lol. In my case, I saw a youtuber's video, and got interested. 01, 02, 03 are versatile shades. 03 gives especially deep color. Don't put 03 too much. But I like its color the best. 04 is the only shade I can't get the use of. lol. It makes my skin tone dim if I apply it directly. Also, though it's hydrating, it wears off when you eat, so you have to reapply many times... I also use this as a primer when I apply a lipstick primer and a lip tint. I guess this has become so popular that almost everybody owns one.
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ただ、04 こちらが、いまだに使いこなせない(笑)



I jumped onto the trend, and tried Clear first. It didn't give too much pigmentation but a natural finish, so I also bought Pearl type since I wanted some glitter. I think Pearl is better to use when you go out. It didn't make my lips feel too dry since I was wearing lip balm first, but I think the sheerness wears off because it's after all a gloss.
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This is great! I think I’m repurchasing it. I want it to go into their permanent collection. I found this in Loft, and it was interesting and cheap, so I bought the clear. The pearly shimmer was also cute, but it’s too much for women in the 30s. The clear one is enough for daily use. It’s supposed to be a gloss, but the texture is smooth. This alone might dry my lips, so I’m layering a lip balm on top. The color doesn't transfer onto cups and the surgical mask when I’m out. I’m learning for the first time that it feels so good and stress-free to have tinted lips. I have fair skin with blue undertone, and I look pale with discolored lips, so it comes in handy to use this gloss in the morning to prep my lips. I don’t have to spend time touching up during the day, and I now have healthy pink lips with blue undertone. I tried it on my mother’s lips too, and the color turned intense red. I was surprised to see that the color really shows different on individuals. I could create gradation lips too. - apply this gloss in the inner part of the lips, and wait for a while. - when the color starts to show, wipe it off lightly with a kleenex and remove the stickiness. - apply Dior’s Maximizer on top. With these steps I could create glossy, picture perfect lips.
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I bought this since it was new! At first the pigmentation is light, but after about an hour it turns intense pink with luminosity as seen in the image. This alone functions as a lipstick and a gloss. It isn't sticky, and it comes with a versatile brush for easy application. I heard that the color turns different according to your lip condition :)
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初めはうす?く色づきますが、一時間くらい経つと画像のように透明感のあるピンクにしっかり発色しました! これ一本で口紅とグロス両方の役割をしてくれます♪
べたつかないし、塗りやすいブラシもついていておすすめです☆ 色については、唇の状態によって変わるみたいですよ(^^)
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