When I'm working at the office, I can't take my shoes off at all, and the other day when I had dinner with my friends after work, the smell really bothered me... Then when I used this between my toes and spent a day, it blew my mind! I was so surprised because I didn't think it would be this effective. My feet didn't feel slimy with the sweat and I don't think I can live without this. But, when I use this in the morning, it won't come off my hands lol I take a cleanser and blend in to my fingers ♪
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I received it as a present from @cosme! During work, I was wearing knee high socks & pumps and my feet felt really humid and I felt like they were smelling a little.. And then when I used this cream, my feet were super smooth and didn't feel sticky at all and it was perfect for busy mornings. Ever since I started to use it, I stopped feeling any stuffiness even when I'm wearing pumps for a long time. The deodorant effect is also outstanding and I am very satisfied with this. But when I touch my black socks after I use this cream, it turns white and it's a hassle to wash my hands or wipe them so if it wasn't for that I would add another star ★. With this, I don't have to worry about my feet getting damp and humid in the Summer, and the same in the Winter when I'm wearing long boots. This is super helpful.
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Because I wear pumps everyday at work, my feet would always be trapped and it would smell. I bought this after checking the reviews and when I used this in the morning and spent a whole day, my feet didn't smell at all! I also apply this between my toes and on my heels and my feet wouldn't smell at all. It doesn't make my feet look white either, so I can wear sandals with it. It doesn't stop my feet from sweating or feeling stuffy but I'm happy because it got rid of the smell. I'll definitely use this from now on!
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I'll be afraid to walk outside without this! LOL No matter what I do, my feet and toes always feel clammy and gross, but this cream leaves my feet smooth and dry all day long, so it's an absolute must-have in the summer. It doesn't just keep my feet dry, it also has a deodorant effect.
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Since I started using this, the bad smell my sandals had is completely gone. And of course my feet don't smell. It's smooth and easy to use.
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