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◎ My little intro · I'm always looking for my holy grail · I only use waterproof makeup · I use a point makeup remover for my eye makeup And as a result, I'll buy this again. I use Canmake's Quick Lash Curler for mascara and most of the time, it doesn't come off with a point makeup remover. After I changed to this oil, I no longer use a point makeup remover. It takes everything off. It doesn't take time at all and it also doesn't hurt even when it goes in my eyes. Even when I rinse it all off, it doesn't leave any slimy residue. Also it's cheap for this quality, so I can easily keep this in my daily routine. This time I tried to buy a regular bottle, but I think I'll change to the ECO bottle next time. I think it's perfect for anyone who wears heavy makeup, only waterproof or just wants to remove everything super fast. By the way, I wear makeup like Naomi Watanabe.
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I have no other complaints with its texture, scent or how well it removes makeup. I think that cleansing is an important part also in skin care, so I have tried quite a bit from expensive ones to this one but recently I think I'm good with this. I can use this with wet hands, I only need to really lightly blend to remove all my eye makeup, it smooths out of the pores on my nose, doesn't make my face feel tight, and it's cheap for the amount of the product. All this and this price is amazing!!!! I think I'll stick to this for cleansers for a while now.
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I use it as a cleansing oil. I just finished the bottle so I'm writing a review. The texture feels thick and is comfortable and it feels like it's cleansing real properly. It feels so refreshing. But, I don't feel like it cleanses deep in my pores. I know you don't need to use a face wash after this, but I wasn't fully happy with its cleansing ability so for satisfying myself, I needed to use a face wash afterwards. If you double cleanse, you'll feel super refreshed, so I think this is good as a cleansing oil.
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【▽10/7】 I changed it from 4 stars to 5 stars. Skin stain? I could understand the effects in about a week! I don't see any dullness when I wake up in the morning! I am a bit anxious because the evaluation is too good, is it because of the parent company of Attenir? It cleans better than Fancl and it is comfortable to use. 9/28 Surprisingly, it isn't slippery! It feels good! It isn't loose so it doesn't hang down the arms. I'm not sure yet whether it can remove dullness because it is the first time I'm using it. I'm writing a review after using it several times but it doesn't leave my skin feeling tight. I was using RMK cleansing oil before this and the texture was loose and drippy. In addition, the same amount costs half the price. ATTENIR has amazing popularity but you should try it if you're doubtful about it. I'm sorry I'm not sure about its aroma as my sense of smell is bad (lol). It probably is severe to me but because I'm not sure, I can't say it's the same for everyone.
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【▽ 09/28】
I think face cleansing is troublesome. I don't really like it. It is number one for cleansing, it helps remove marks and blemishes of the skin, it brightens the skin and the scent is also good. When I took a look at the reviews, it had high evaluation so I immediately bought it. I was surprised the price was so affordable. The citrus fragrance is very healing. It creates a hydrated finish. It really moisturized my skin. It might be strange, but after that, my skin became bright. Although I have been using this for three days, my skin has definitely become bright!! Now I look forward to cleansing even though as mentioned earlier, I used to think it was troublesome.
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