Since I've been using the Uruuru Sponge Touch cotton pads, I saw these in the drugstore and wondered what they were, so I picked them up to try applying my moisturizing toner. When I tried using it, I was amazed at how fluffy it felt on my skin! It has a really amazing feeling. Exactly what I expect from Silcot! Then I used my wipe-off toner and go in circles around my nose, it took a lot of the impurities out of my pores. I didn't feel like there was any friction at all, so I was wondering if it was taking anything off at all, but as I went down to my neck, I noticed it was taking off even really tiny particles of dirt and impurities, which was my second pleasant surprise! Since it cleans my skin so smoothly, I also use it to remove makeup from around my eyes. They don't pull on my lash extensions, but they do a really good job of getting makeup off from around my eyes. The number of pads in the box is a little low, so I wondered if I shouldn't try to conserve them, but I couldn't get over how good they felt, so I ended up using them almost every day.
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I'm a big fan of Silcot's cotton pads, and I use them for different purposes. When I heard they were coming out with a cotton pad made especially for wiping the skin, I was really looking forward to it. It's a little more expensive compared to the others, but it makes up for it with how good it feels on the skin. It's super fluffy, but feels really smooth. My basic skin care routine is to use a wipe-on toner in the morning without washing my face, but I'd always had trouble with my skin getting irritated. Maybe because of scratchy products. But I didn't feel anything like that with these! They just glide right across my skin. Usually I'd go through two pads for my wipe-off toner, but these are so sturdy that I only need one. Just thinking about it that way, they're a pretty good value for the cost, I think. Anyway, since they're so comfortable to use, I think they might also be good to use other ways too.
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Until recently, I'd been using the Silcot Sponge Touch Cotton pads to wipe down my face, but this caught my eye at the pharmacy, so I grabbed it. In the morning, I wipe down my face with warm water, but the sponge finish one were too springy and they'd pull at my skin, so I thought they might not be right for me. It's made especially for wiping your face, so it's got the right soft, cushiony thickness, and it's really sturdy, but it doesn't pull your skin or leave fuzz behind, which is great. It feels so good that I wish I had a bed made out of this stuff (lol) Since I started using these cottons, the oil just lifts off my face and my foundation goes on with this gorgeous semi-matte finish. As for that oil that doesn't come of if you just rinse with warm water... I don't know if this gets that off too, but my skin feels soft and smooth. I realized that it might be best to use these cotton pads for specific purposes. I've decided to continue buying them!
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