I've got more combination skin than dry skin. I was looking for a touch-up powder, so I also got Canmake's well-reviewed Marshmallow Finishing Powder and tried them both to compare. The one from Cezanne was definitely better. It didn't build up in my pores, and it's got a really finely textured powder, so it gives you a really natural, matte finish. And it doesn't get patchy either! With the Marshmallow Finish Powder, it felt thick, which I don't like. This is a good price, so I'm pretty happy with it. I'll definitely get it again.
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I have dry skin that doesn't get oily around my T-zone, so the lines between my eyebrows are quite deep, and my skin can get flaky pretty easily, so I really put a lot of importance on whether or not a product has moisturizing, skin-friendly ingredients. In addition to those prerequisites, using the standard foundation shade makes my skin look really dark, to the point where people point out that I look yellowish or tanned, so I've been looking for a shade on the lighter side. I was kind of wondering if I should get this one or the Curel powder foundation, but since I could get this one for about 1/3 the price of Curel, I was like "Well, whatever, I can get it even if it's a bust." After I get my skin ready with Melvita Argan Oil and Lumice toner, I apply Sunkiller sunscreen and SK-II Auractivator, then skip the included puff and use a makeup brush to buff on this powder. Since it really doesn't have much pigmentation, it doesn't change my complexion much either. It doesn't crease and gives my face a light, soft, natural look. Even after a couple hours, it still has a soft look, and my lines and dry patches are still nicely hidden. With 12 beauty serum ingredients and no UV absorbers or alcohol, I'm really glad that it works so well, which makes me wonder why it's so cheap. Kind of weird haha The compact itself doesn't look too lame, and I think it's actually a pretty cute. I'm glad I got this, since I haven't really been able to find a powder that fits me.
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上記の条件に加えて… 標準色ファンデを使うと顔色が濃くなり、周りの人に顔が黄色い・黒いと指摘されてしまうので、おしろい~白寄りのパウダーを探していました。
I have both Natural and Cover. I was looking for something new, since I didn't know if there was a good powder that wouldn't look cakey and heavy if I had to touch up my makeup. I don't even need a foundation with this; I can just apply it after my primer! It minimizes my pores, gives me a translucent glow, looks natural even with a concealer, and doesn't get cakey or powdery even if I reapply it. Although, of course for someone with oily skin like me, touching up around my nose can make it end up looking a little bit less natural. So I blot off the excess sebum with a disposable puff, then once everything is blended in again, I reapply the powder, which solves that problem so I can touch up my whole face without any issues. Although I like both of the shades that they have, I think that maybe Light is best if you're after a light, translucent look, and Natural is better if you want to use concealer of get more coverage, maybe? I usually switch between them depending on how my skin is doing that particular day.
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I'm using number 01. Since I ran out of Canmake's Marshmallow powder, I ended up buying this. First of all, it's cheap. I feel like it's cheaper than the Marshmallow refills. The puff is a little disappointing, so I switched it out for the little powder puff from Palgantong. It's perfect (^^) Compared to the kind of thick finish that Marshmallow powder had, this one is quite sheer and low on color while still having a bit of coverage, so it was an easy decision to change to this powder. I would love it if this powder got more popular and overtook the one from Canmake!
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