I tried this out and found that it works best for me as a light day moisturizer. During the day, it moisturizes most of my face adequately (although I still have to use a heavier moisturizer for some dry patches) and sinks into skin quickly, which is great if I am applying make-up after. By night, it is not enough by itself but will probably work great as a layer with other lighter or heavier moisturizers. As I like all-in-one types of products more, I am not sure whether I would buy it again.
This is my 4th one! I was originally a heavy user of lotion and I would use plenty of product for my face and body. I started looking for a serum and emulsion to use after the lotion and I've tried many different ones. Now when I'm on my period or during breakouts I use bayu (horse oil) → hatomugi gel. It seems that's the right way to treat my skin when it's a little weaker. I get less breakouts now and even when I do, it clears up easily. It's cooling and feels so good. It kind of feels likts it's tightening my pores, too haha
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I've been having breakouts and I just ran out of an all in one gel so I bought this. I read somewhere it's better to wash the face by making bunch of foam and keeping it on the face like a pack. I take this off after 40 minutes, use a tightening lotion and go to sleep. I could tell my skin was moisturized in the morning. The price is affordable and I like that I can sparely use it because there's so much product.
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I bought this for not my face, but actually to use for my body after taking a shower. During drying seasons, I use Johnson's yellow, but in the Summer it feels way too sticky. So in the end, this is moisturizing but doesn't feel sticky and it's great. Because I use this for my whole body, I run out in like a month. I've been applying this to my nose where I have open pores, but I don't really see a difference. You can buy this for 700 yen at some cheap places so it's perfect for just using a few in the Summer. Also it doesn't have a strange scent (no scent) and I like it.
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I originally bought the toner of the same series for my face. I used it after putting on toner and my skin was moist. My skin would become shiny in the morning so I didn't really use much of it. The other day, I went to an aesthetic salon and they recommended me to use a more expensive lotion, I give up financially. The shop staff recommended "alcohol-free" and "oil-free moisturizer." I was told to refer to the after-care at home. After I went home, I remembered I had this pearl barley gel. On the packaging, it says "alcohol-free" and "when avoiding oil." I was surprised such a thing was written (lol) I put it in a toner spray bottle and sprayed it all over. I wanted to apply plenty of the pearl barley gel. I was impressed how smooth my whole body was the next day :) I also recommend it as an after-care treatment after hair removal!
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化粧水のあとに使うと 肌は潤うのですが、

先日、エステ脱毛に行った時に 高めのローションをお勧めされたのですが、
家でもアフターケアをしてください と言われました。
帰宅後 このハトムギジェルの存在を思い出して

翌朝 全身すべすべで感動しました(´;ω;`)

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