Lately, I haven't been using fermentation-based facial washes (I've been using a lot of facial wash scrubs, so I thought it would overlap and have bad effects), but not too long ago I saw this being sold in a Disney Tsumtsum package, which was so cute I just had to buy it. This is the first time I'm using one again after 10 years. Back then, sometimes I would mix it into my facial wash foam, but this time I use it on its own. I guess I usually use it in the morning, for 2-3 times a week. I'm strangely good at making foam lathers (does this sound like I'm bragging?), so I'd just add a little water and lather it up using my fingers. It's a little loose, but it lathers up really well. It's easy to rinse too, which makes it convenient during busy mornings. I've always thought that fermentation-based facial washes are a little too strong, but this one doesn't make my skin feel tight after washing, and since it's so gentle, I don't feel any sting either. Despite that, the effects are really great! I'm currently using the Tsumtsum ones, so everyday I would look forward to using it, thinking which one should I use today. Sometimes I would also think that my skin is a little rough, and then I would use it and it would remove all my rough patches, which is amazing. It's sold at a reasonable price, and also sold at the drugstores, which is great! I still have another package of the Tsumtsum ones, so I'd definitely be using those too!
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Compared to during Winter, I thought I would have more sebum in the Summer and bought this since it has such good reviews. I have dry skin and use this once a week. I really like how refreshing and relaxing this feels. My skin feels very smooth. I guess this means it's taking care of old skin cells? It's really good. I also like how each packet is for 1 use◎. I have a lot of blackheads and impurities stuck in my pores but they're not as obvious so I don't know how much they've improved. Are my pores clearing up? I'm not sure. Maybe it'll change if I start using this 2 or 3 times a week but I don't want to dry out my skin so I'll keep on trying. This was my first enzyme face wash and my face didn't feel tight after cleansing and I had a very good experience. But I just hope it was more easy to use and if it was a bit cheaper.
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I've always used a different brand of fermentation-based facial washes, but no matter how much I use it, it won't clear up the blackheads on my nose, which really concerned me. I have used this years ago, but this has really good reviews so I bought one again. It clears up my blackheads upon the first usage, so while it is a little expensive, I'm glad I bought it. Aside of my nose, I think it also removed impurities from my face line, which made my face feel really smooth. I'm really happy about that ♪ I usually mix into into my facial wash, but just facial my facial wash alone doesn't lather up very well, but this helped my facial wash to lather up really well. I'm thinking of buying more once it's finished.
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I used this before in the past, and I'm using it again. Doesn't foam very well, but feels refreshing and makes my skin super smooth! But maybe because my skin was super sensitive, when I washed my face just with this powder, and I moisturized with a toner and milk lotion but my nose felt a little sore. I was worried about the pores on my nose so maybe I was rubbing it a little too hard... I mixed the 2 face washes the second time. It didn't irritate my skin at all. I think it would be smart to check your skin's condition before using this. (When I used only the powder before, it didn't irritate my skin at all. ) This clears up my pores but gets clogged really quickly. I'll keep on using this to make my pores smaller.
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Second time posting a review. I used this around 3 to 4 times every week but now I use this every night. Why did I start using this everyday! Because I gave in to this clay face wash and didn't use suisai for a whole week! And it showed on my nose! It's been getting hotter and more humid, and the sweat and oil clogged up my pores... I couldn't quit using the clay because it would be such a waste so I tried for 2 weeks. After 3 weeks, I couldn't even hide this with my foundation. And, I though I'll go back to my routine when my pores were doing fine. Now I use this every night. (On my 4th box (32 each)) Now.. My blackheads are gone!! It's amazing!! I want to keep on using this!! ...But I'll probably try some other products. But it's great I found a product I know that works and now I can try other stuff and come back!
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