I wanted a new lip color, and bought the Opera lip. The packaging is very elegant and one of the reasons I bought this was because of how cute the packaging was. Also, because the model was Japanese, it was easier for me to imagine how I would look like with the same lip color compared to other foreign brands with foreign models. I like lip colors with more red in them, and if it's moisturizing and glossy, it's even better for me. This product wasn't as red as I hoped and was very natural. If you only want a faint color, just lightly press your upper and bottom lips together! And if you want a more bold color, keep the lips away from each other and the red color would stay bold. I didn't buy the tint this time but I want to try out the texture.
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I bought the limited color Cassis Pink. I felt in love with this when I tried it on at Yurakucho @cosme store, but it was sold out at 2 stores I went after that. I finally bought this at Marunouchi LOFT. I always want to eat or drink so I almost never wear lipstick but this melts into the lips and colors them faintly without feeling sticky. Although I tried all the samples for the other shades, this limited shade matched me best so I wish they make this permanent. The other shades are very pretty though. I felt the pink shades were all very cute and I wish they have one beige pink shade.
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I bought the limited color Clear Cassis. I've used lip tints before but compared, this is very sheer and more of a "nuance" color. Really more of a lip gloss. It glides smoothly with its thin tip and allows a beautiful finish even to the corner of the lips. The product itself is very small and convenient to carry around, too. Although the texture is soft, unless you apply a lot of pressure on it, it won't crack or break. It does come off very easily but it's a gloss so I can't blame it. I also don't mind reapplying during the day so that doesn't bother me. The shade isn't as bold as the model in the ad, but if you apply from the tube, it can be very bold. This is an elegant purple pink shade. It's such a shame this is a limited shade. I want this to be a permanent shade. If this same shade was a lip tint, I'd definitely buy it... If only the shades were a bit more pigmented, they would be perfect.
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I bought #102 pink beige. It's easy to apply. The color is really natural and I thought it was perfect to go to work. It's not as shiny as a lip gloss, and has a very natural glow. My lips are very dry, but it didn't start peeling or anything. I will try out other colors next. I definitely won't have a problem buying this again!
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I used Nuance Pink. It's a very natural pink and perfect for any kind of situation. Even when my lips are dry, I can apply this without a lip cream. This is a savior. The texture is so soft, if you apply too much pressure it crushes, but I love everything else about this, so I'm thinking of buying other shades!
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