I purchased the shade BR505 Chocola Cappuccino. I have Summer skin with cool undertone, so I was avoiding brown eye shadows, but I was attracted by their concept of choosing the shade that suits your eye color. According to the eye color checkup, my shade was BE303 Rich Caffe Latte, no matter how many times I tried it. I went to see it in the store, and the gold glitter seemed too intense and the orange didn’t seem to suit my skin tone, so I was debating whether to buy this and I saw my favorite blogger's site. I was worried the darker shades would be too bold, but when I got it right, it naturally enlarged my eyes. It creates a sweet finish when applied softly. Especially the eye base corrects skin discoloration and hides dark circles for a bright, natural finish. It doesn’t get powdery, and is excellent. I feel like I’ll be using this a lot. The price is also affordable and is easy to get your hands on. I wasn’t sure whether to buy this, but I’m glad I bought this shade.
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BR505 ショコラカプチーノを購入しました。
瞳の色診断だと何度やってもBE303 リッチカフェラテ
I did a checkup on their website a couple of times before it came out, and my shade was RD606 or BR707. I have many reddish brown palettes at home, so I bought BR707 that doesn’t overlap with my other brown palettes. It looks quite dark at first glance, but when I actually apply, it offers a rather natural pigmentation. It made a better finish on me when I layered lighter shades first. The shade is for autumn to winter, so I think I’ll be using this quite often from now on.
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RD606 Raspberry Moca The beauty advisor in the drugstore did the checkup for me, and she recommended this shade to me. This is the most popular shade, she said. By the way, I did the checkup online, and the result was the darkest shade Espresso... Maybe you might want to go with your gut feeling than whatever is "supposed" to suit you. The reddish brown shade would be so useful during autumn and winter. I apply the darkest shade on the lower lash line on the outer corners to create a sexy look. The upper right shade is glittery and pretty too! It has a smoother texture than I had imagined, and is easy to adjust the amount. Up until now, there would be glitter that had a hard texture so it was grittery and hard to adjust. This applies beautifully with a chip applicator as well. I like how the finish of the looks vary with the order of the shades I apply. I also want to try the other colors. I’m also interested in Espresso...
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RD606 ラズベリーモカ
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