Bought the color mauve brown. When I swatched it on the back of my hand it was mauve brown, but when I actually used it as an eye liner, it looked very purple. I usually use a purple liner, so I was excited about the mauve shade, but perhaps it’s due to my skin tone. However, it is easy to apply and doesn’t smudge, so I can use this with ease. I think it would be really pretty if it had some shimmering pearls in the formula. I’m over 50, and after I got sick, I started to get hyperpigmentation from wearing colored makeup, so I stopped using foundation and eye shadows. That’s why I’m picky on eye liners.
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I bought this at Plaza. Dark Brown The oval shape is unique. I’ve seen eyebrow pencils in this shape, but it was my first time to see an eyeliner in this shape! It’s easy to draw on the water lines and corners, and when I apply holding the pencil at a vertical angle, I can draw delicate lines beautifully! It lasts really well on my waterline, too! Even when I apply an eye drop, it stays the same as it was in the morning, all day long. It's a very cream eyeliner compared to other eyeliners and doesn't stress the eye area and super easy to apply. But, there's not much product. I only used this on my waterline and filling the space between my eyelashes and it was gone in about 3 weeks. It runs out faster than a liquid liner, but it’s so useful since I can casually and swiftly apply in busy mornings. I’d like to try the mauve brown next time!
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粘膜にもキワにもひきやすく、ペン先を縦にすると繊細なラインも描けます! 粘膜もびっくりするほど落ちません! 目薬をさしても一日中ほぼ朝のままです。

通常のものよりもクリーミーで目に負担をかけずとてもひきやすいです。 反面減るのもやはり速い。


I got this as a present of a prize draw. Within all the eyeliners I've used before, this is the easiest one to draw. The pigmentation is good, and the best part is that I can draw with it smoothly. The line is also thin so I can do it without difficulty. This one is already easy enough to draw, but I think it won't be bad to have a thinner one. I totally understand why it is so popular after using it myself.
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My favorite Youtuber was using this eye liner, so I waited for its release and bought it at Plaza when it came out. I use this specifically for drawing on the water line. I can fill in between the lashes smoothly, and it’s so easy to apply. My eyes get itchy and it does smudge a bit during hay fever season, but normally it doesn’t smudge. I also apply a mascara, so I can’t see clearly if it’s the eye liner that’s smudged, but it makes my eyes look bigger when I apply it on the waterline, so I recommend this. I use Clinique’s eye makeup remover with a q-tip or a cotton pad to remove, and it comes off easily and thoroughly ^^ This is essential in my makeup routine. ☆
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メイクオフは綿棒やコットンにクリニークのポイントメイクアップリムーバーで落としますが、簡単に綺麗におちます^ ^

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