I bought this since it was popular and had good reviews. I wanted natural brown, but since it was sold out, I bought the grayish brown. It looks more black than I had imagined, so I recommend this on black hair rather than brown hair. It’s an oval shape, so you can apply both thinly and thickly, and you can blend it out quickly even if you screw up, so I really like it! I recommend this if you want to create natural, mild-looking brows! However, since it can be blended out easily, I felt that it comes off just as easily even though it’s waterproof. In the evening I often find this faded on the end of my brows. However, since I can create my brows perfectly with this single product and I end up using this in busy mornings, so I’m planning to repurchase it unless I find something else I like (^^)
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It creates a natural finish, and I like how it’s easy to apply. I’m using a different one now, and I tend to gravitate toward other products since this is a little more expensive than the one I currently use... (^▽^;) In terms of application and payoff, this is my favorite pencil out of the ones I’ve used before.
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Grayish brown. I have black hair and brows. The pencil feels harder compared to EXCEL’s powder & pencil. Though they’re the same shade, that one required no force to apply offering light pigmentation, so it was easy to adjust the color. This one is hard, but when I apply less pressure it had the same finish as the EXCEL. I have thick brows even when I cut them, so I apply with a very light hand. I think if you apply with a light hand, this would look good on anyone with black hair. It's best to be light handed if you're not used to eyebrow pencils.
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