I bought 102 Shiny Pink and 104 Clear Lavender. I wasn't planning on buying these but I sampled the 104 shade after trying the Designing Color Eyes and it was so pretty I bought it straight away! The store lady was wearing shade 102 and I thought it was really pretty so I bought that, too. Just like the Designing Color Eyes, the shades are all very pretty with elegant glitter and can be used both single or with other colors. Especially shade 102 goes best with brown eyeshadows and it's so cute. It of course goes really well with a brown eyeliner, too. 104 is a casual color that can look a little intimidating but is actually really easy to use. This kind of reminds me of Cosme Decorte's Eye Glow Gem, but Suqqu has finer glitter and it feels more elegant. So sad this is limited. I personally like this more than Designing Color Eyes.
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102 舞桜 104 透葵の2色を購入しました。
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