I have severe hay fever and none of the drugstore meds would help. I was pregnant so I couldn’t take medication. I couldn’t sleep because of my runny nose and it was awful. Then my mother recommended this to me, and I bought it. When I use this in the morning, at noon, and in the evening, it stops my runny nose for some reason. The similar product from Fumakilla didn’t work at all.
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I sneeze and have a runny nose that never stop... maybe it’s because of pollen. I gave this a try hoping that it would work. This mist doesn’t have a scent, and it feels really nice. When I spray this on to finish up my makeup, it feels nice! I noticed that my nose no longer feels itchy. But there will be more pollen so I guess I'll find out how good this is (^^) It also blocks PM2.5, so I'm hoping it'll improve my skin and I'm buying this again.
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I have severe hay fever, and depending on the season I get a runny nose that never stops, headache, and I get itchy skin around the eyes. Even when I wear a mask, I can’t protect the area around the eyes and it gets itchy, and when it’s at its worst my eyelids start to hurt and I can’t wear any eye makeup. When it’s too hot to wear a mask, I had to be outside all day long for an event, so I bought this when I came across it at the drugstore. When I used a similar product to apply under the nose it didn’t work at all, so I bought it to help with the itchiness and headache just a little bit, but it exceeded my expectation! (It says to use it every 4 hours but) I reapplied about every 3 hours. I was outside all day, but I didn’t get any headaches, and my eyes didn’t become itchy. It's a spray so it doesn't smudge my makeup and I can reapply easily and it doesn't get my hands dirty so I really like this!! I’m not sure if this is cheap or expensive, but if I can block pollen without wearing a mask I think it’s worth the price, so I’ll buy this again when it runs out!
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コスパに関してはいいか悪いかは良くわかりませんが、マスクしなくても花粉が防げるのなら安いもんかな?と思っているので、なくなったらまた購入します^ ^!
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