It doesn't stay on that long, but when you apply it makes the pores look good and creates naturally beautiful skin! It might look powdery right after you apply, but it will blend in gradually. During day or night, you can use it whenever you want so it's really versatile!
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I was curious about this product, and my friend bought this and said it was good, so I went to look for it. There was only one left! ( ´Д`)! I opened the case to try the tester, and it was smaller than I thought, but I was shocked when I tried this! It really hides my pores! The puff is small and seemed hard to use... but it was good, so I bought it right away.( ´ ▽ ` ) When I use the puff and it doesn’t work, I’m planning to use a brush. I have sensitive skin, but it doesn’t get itchy for now. I first want to use it up!
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気になっていた所、友達が購入し良かった!との事だったので探しに行きました。ラスト1個で危ない( ´Д`)!と思いながら、まずはテスター...と思いケースを開けたら思っていたよりは小さかったですが、塗ってびっくり!毛穴が隠れる隠れる!wただ、パフも小さくちょっと使いにくそう...という印象は受けましたが、良かったので即購入( ´ ▽ ` )パフも使ってみて、もし微妙なら筆使えばいいかなと思っています。お肌弱いですが、痒みなどは出ていません。まずは1個使い切ってみたいと思います!
I also own the night time CC cream from Suhadakinenbi, but I didn’t like applying a cream before sleep, and a powder came out, so I wanted to try this too. That’s why I bought it. It has a really nice texture! I have to moisturize my skin thoroughly before applying this otherwise it would dry out, but when I apply it after fully moisturizing, it feels like my skin is being protected from dust, and it feels decently smooth and nice! It comes in super handy when I just lay around at home all day! It covers not with color but more like diffusing the light that hits the face. However, I have quite fair skin, so it looks a little dark on my skin. It doesn’t look so unnatural, so I can show my face without hesitation even when the postman comes. lol. Despite it having no color, I still think that this is a very good product. It looks like it would last forever, but I’m buying it again once it runs out.
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This is amazing! I went to buy something else but found the last one and it said you can use this at night??! I was surprised to see that it can be used at night, so I checked @cosme to see the reviews. It had good reviews so I bought it. When applied at night, it made my skin smooth and silky. ☆ When I woke up, I could see that it absorbed the sebum at night because!! My face didn’t feel sticky! I always apply a face powder after foundation, but this time I applied this powder. I thought there was nothing special, but when I saw my face in the mirror at noon, I was shocked!!! It hasn't creased at all!! Normally makeup creases on me at around noon.. Also, when I checked my face in the mirror in the evening, it barely creased!!! What is this... this is amazing... so I bought 2 more right away lol I could see that it would be so popular and sell out in the near future. (* ̄∀ ̄;) This is my recent favorite product that I’d like to always carry around. ♪ The reason I didn’t give it 7 stars is that I haven’t used this during summer yet. If I can use this without problem in summer, I’m giving it 7 ☆ stars!!
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これから一気に人気商品になって入荷待ちになる事を見越して(* ̄∀ ̄;)
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