Botanical Selection Pore Beauty Makeup Removing Oil / Dove
Botanical Selection Pore Beauty Makeup Removing Oil
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I have oily skin and I like to try products that claim it removes blackheads and clogged pores. I have sensitive skin, so I often use creamy cleansers. I get flaky, dry skin using most oil products. However, I like to challenge things, so I often do wrong... The regular pink Dove oil cleanser didn’t work on my skin, but this was good. This has made it into my favorites together with Dove’s Water Cleanser and Deep Pure Foam Wash. Though it creates a mild finish, it removes waterproof mascara and eyeliner, and is so easy. I feel that it removes impurities and dirt from the pores well compared with the products I have used so far. It also works well on the chin. Mild oils often rinse poorly, but this rinses thoroughly to a refreshing finish. This already is enough to rave about, but it’s even nicer that you can use this in steams and with wet hands. I use soap to wash my face afterwards. I also liked its subtle, mild fruity scent. In my case, oleic acid and olive oil didn’t work on my skin. They would clog pores and cause breakouts or it would dry my skin and make my skin rough, so I’m glad that this contains oils that work on my skin such as grape seed oil, jojoba, and apricot. It’s affordable so I'm going to buy this again and keep some in stock. Definitely try this out if you have oily skin with clogged pores. I feel like this refines the skin and prevents pores from opening.
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When I was trying out many different cleansers, I found this product displayed and featured in the drugstore, so I bought it. The smell isn’t strong, so it doesn’t bother me. It is a smooth oil that blends in well with makeup. It removed foundation that’s clogging the pores, but not blackheads. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed. I have dry skin, but it doesn’t feel as drying and tight as other oils. You need to use another face wash after this but I don't feel like this is super drying. My skin feels smooth after washing. I feel like this made my skin more smooth. I’ll use it up and then think about repurchasing.
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I read the reviews and since it looked like it was a powerful cleanser I bought it. I could remove mascara with this alone without using a mascara remover, so this is perfect (^ ^) I always use a waterproof mascara, so I prefer a cleanser that removes everything at once, so it was a good product for me. After rinsing off, it doesn’t feel sticky but comfortable, so I think I’m going to buy this again.
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口コミを見て、クレンジングの洗浄力がありそうなので購入してみました。専用のリムーバーを使わずに、これひとつでマスカラもきちんと落ちたので合格です(^ ^)
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