I purchased shade 6605. With one pump, it's too much and it doesn't looks nice, but with about half that, you can get enough coverage to cover lighter age spots and dark spots. For darker spots, acne, or scarring, use a concealer. I use the Radiance Primer from the same brand. It doesn't make the pink pearl effect disappear, it just gives you a sheer, natural glow. It lasts fairly well, and it doesn't have the heavy feeling that a lot of foundations have. For powder, I use the Light Reflecting Setting Loose Powder from the same brand to set everything.
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I'm using #6603. I wasn't planning on it, but I happened to be at NARS to buy concealer on the day this foundation launched, so I tried it out and liked how it worked on my skin. It's dewy, but not as dewy as the RMK Liquid Foundation. The store makeup artist said this was a semi-matte finish, but on me it's pretty dewy. If you like that look, you can probably skip powder. I have pretty dry skin and my face almost never looks oily, so I just use the minimum of powder on my nose to keep the dewy look. The coverage is on the sheer side, so it's not good if you want heavy coverage, but it makes my skin look great, which I love. It was release day, so when I bought this and my other stuff, they gave me a free bronzer and makeup bag. (I don't have a picture, but still. . . )
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6605 is perfect for me, so I bought it. This is the first NARS foundation I've used, but I bought due to it being fragrance-free, alcohol-free, and oil-free. With supposedly hypo-allergenic makeup I actually tend to get irritation, so I've had trouble deciding what to use lately. This totally saved me! At first I was applying it with my fingers, but if you don't press really hard, it won't cover the pores. I tried using my Dior foundation brush and it smoothed on the product well enough to more or less cover my pores. Doing in that way means a small amount can spread well, which help you get more out of it. I don't use a mattifying primer to stop my nose from getting oily, so that might be why my nose tends to get shiny with this. 6 stars. It doesn't break up except on my nose, but it feels like a second skin, so I'll be buying this foundation again.
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