When I had my skin checked, I got the worst result on age spots. I wasn’t interested at all in skin whitening products, but I was shocked I had to buy it. I received the sample at first, but the sample contains too little product. It doesn’t even have 2-push worth of product. So I bought the full size! And I’ve used it for a month! I can’t get rid of the noticeable age spots(“noticeable but can be covered with foundation” type of spots), but I feel that my skin is more luminous, and a friend I haven’t met in 3 months told me that I’m wearing little makeup but my skin is beautiful! She also asked me what product I was using. So, I think this is even better than I thought! I ended up buying the refill (*^^*) (Since they give you 10g HAKU when you buy 2) Personally I worry about my small wrinkles more than the age spots, so next time I’m thinking of doing something about the wrinkles.
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I’m using the products from the Whitelucent line, and when the serum was about to run out, I noticed that this has been revamped, so I bought it. Whitelucent has a loose and creamy texture, but this serum was white and harder in texture. I have pollen allergy and my skin is currently rather sensitive, but I didn’t feel any skin irritation. It permeates faster than it looks, and feels moisturizing. It doesn’t make my skin feel dry. However, it also doesn’t feel too heavy to get in the way of emollient milk, so it’s easy to apply in the morning. I think it permeates faster than Whitelucent. I’ve been dealing with my age spots for years, and am using L-cysteine tablets, citrus depressa and cassis drink, Anessa, and foundation and concealer with sun protection. I also try to eat fermented food. So I can’t say that it’s because of this product, but I feel that my skin tone is a little brighter. I wanted to try a little more, so I bought some more for stock on Watashi Plus yesterday. The package is easy to use, and is stress-free.
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ホワイトルーセントをライン使いしていますが、美容液がなくなりそうな時、こちらのリニューアルに気付き、購入。ホワイトルーセントは、緩めのトロっとしたクリーム色の液状ですが、こちらは白いかための美容液でした。花粉にやられている時期で敏感肌寄りになっていますが、私は刺激は感じませんでした。見た目より、浸透は早く、しっとりします。乾燥は感じません。ですが、乳液を邪魔する程のもたつきはないので、朝に使いやすいです。 ホワイトルーセントより、浸透が早いと感じます。長年シミと戦っていまして、Lシステイン入りの錠剤やシークワーサーやカシスのドリンク剤、アネッサ、ファンデーションは勿論、コンシーラーもUVタイプの物を使っています。発酵食品を努めて食べています。ですので、こちらだけの効果とは思えないのですが、やや顔が明るくなってきた感じは致します。もう少し試したいので、昨日ワタシプラスでストック分を購入。容器も使い勝手が良く、ストレスフリーです。
I bought the 20g trial size first, and bought the refill recently. I used HAKU quite a while ago (before it contained tranexamic acid), and though it didn’t work at all and I never bought it since, I became curious and bought this. It is nice that it’s moisturizing for a whitening product. It doesn’t feel irritating, and I’m using it without any worries. It’s been about a month since I started using this, and it kind of brightened my skin. I feel like my age spots have faded a little bit. Also, I have blotchy skin, and since I started using this the redness on my face is better. Perhaps it’s because of tranexamic acid. Anyway, I’m planning to use HAKU this year.
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