I have intense dark circles, so I’m trying out many different concealers. I debated whether to get the pink or this, but when I swatched it, I didn’t think it would cover up the dark circles, so I bought the beige. It has a fresh texture and doesn’t feel dry. However, it is not a concealer that covers up intensively, as it says that it corrects the flaws through highlighting light. I think it works on light under-eye circles for lack of sleep, but on my intense dark circles I’ve had for years (lol), it’s not enough. However, since it feels nice, I’m giving it 4 stars.
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I bought mint green on Amazon. I bought a peachy shade from another brand, and I also wanted a green one from them, but the green was too dark and when I spread it on the back of my hand it looked way too luminous for me. Then I found out that Excel has a milder mint green shade, so I bought this. I use the peach shade from the other brand on dark circles and light blemishes, and I twist and squeeze out this mint green to apply on the triangle zone under my eyes. The texture is quite hard, but if it’s too loose it would melt and smear all over, so I like the texture. It would’ve been easier to apply with a brush; the sponge feels hard and a little hard to use, so I’m giving it 5 stars. I don’t hide the flaws as a concealer, but I use this as a slightly light, highlighter. If it’s this cheap, it makes me want the pink one too.
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他社のピーチ色を購入したのでそこで一緒にグリーンも欲しかったのですが、グリーンがすごいグリーングリーンで濃く手の甲に塗って伸ばしたところ透明感すごすぎだろ ってくらいの濃い色すぎたのでやさしいミントグリーンがエクセルにあるのを知って購入しました。




I bought Pink Glow thinking it might work on my blue under-eye circles. I have blue undertone, so I can’t use yellow concealers, but I could use this. It is a brush-type concealer that you twist up to use, so there isn’t much waste of product. I’m not sure how I’ll feel by the time I finish using this, but for now I think it’s good that it doesn’t leak. The brush is easy to apply, and it cancels out the blue under-eye circles, which makes me happy. It contains glitter, and I wasn’t sure if it was ok at first, but on the skin the glitter looks fine and unnoticeable. I think it also works as a highlighter. It was perfect for me.
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