Oshima Tsubaki (Camellia Oil) / Oshimatsubaki
Oshima Tsubaki (Camellia Oil)
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I'm writing this review after having used Tsubaki for a long time. When I first started using it, I wasn't sure how much to put on, and it ended up feeling a bit greasy. I've figured it out by now, though. After towel-drying my hair, I take about 3 drops in my palms and quickly smooth it into my hair, massaging it into my scalp. Deal with the kids, finish then blowdrying. So, so silky smooth. I've always used seaweed oil when I had tangled, rough hair, but without even using seaweed oil, this tsubaki oil get my hair so smooth! I'm quite impressed. It could also be that I've changed my shampoo, but I really notice a difference when I don't use it, so this oil has become one of my favorites.
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I use it mainly for scalp cleaning and as a hair oil pack treatment. The biggest point is that it is 100% camellia oil. To use it for scalp-care, the instructions say to use 5ml (about 30 drops) but as for me, I just pour it directly from the bottle. It doesn’t overflow so it’s ok. Massage your scalp and leave it in for about five minutes, and finally wash it off with shampoo about two times. It is so simple. My head felt moist and clean after using it continuously for a week, and dandruff as well as itchiness subsided. I have really long hair down to my waist and have repeatedly colored my hair so for about 20cm of the ends of my hair is dry like bristles. I need to use about 40ml for hair oil pack treatment. One bottle contains a lot of oil, probably too much and sometimes it’s a waste so just pour enough oil by estimation to cover the whole head. Use a comb and then a shower cap for 20-30 minutes. The rest is the same process as the usual scalp care. My hair became slightly shinier and softer. I wonder if I used the exact amount recommended that I would have moist hair. I will try this out later. I sometimes add a few drops of this oil to my “out-of-bath” treatment. Dry and rough hair that is out of control will calm down. You can also use this on your skin (I use it on my body) so it is a versatile oil.
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主に 頭皮クレンジングとオイルパック として使用しています。 成分が椿油100% はかなりのポイント。 頭皮ケアの場合、 説明書だと 5ml(約30滴) とありますが、 私は直接 頭皮に瓶をあてて付けてます。 ドバっと出ないので大丈夫。 マッサージして 5分くらい置いたら よく洗い流し 2回シャンプーして終わり。 簡単です。 すっきりするのに潤った感触で 週1で続けていたら フケ かゆみが治まりました。 私は 腰までロングで カラーも繰り返しており、 毛先から20cmくらいにかけパサパサ。 オイルパックに必要な量は 40ml との事。 いくら何でも多すぎでしょ… もったいないし ほとんど1瓶の量(苦笑)。 という訳で 適当に全体に行き渡る程度に(片手で溢れる位の量かな)もみ込むように付け コームでよく馴染ませヘアキャップをかぶり 2~30分ほど置き、 あとは頭皮ケアと同じ工程です。 若干 艶が出て ぱさつきが和らぎます。 必要量を使ったら 『しっとりうるおった』 髪になるのかなぁ。 後で 思い切って試してみます。 あとは たまに アウトバストリートメントに数滴混ぜたりしてます。 パサパサで広がった毛先が落ち着きます。 肌(私はボディ)にも使えるので とにかく万能ですね!

I’ve repeatedly used this and I’m on my 5th bottle! This is my first review post. Thanks for reading! I gave it 7 stars but I wasn’t bribed to do this! For my first review, I want to introduce my favorite cosmetic product, which is this Oshima Tsubaki oil. If I were to give you my conclusion now, it would be to buy this product!! Your hair will be very smooth and shiny! I first came across this product during my high school days. From middle school to high school, I did a lot of club activities outdoors, which resulted in damaged hair. My hair at that time was dry and hard to keep in place. I wonder what I could do with my hair and then ended up getting this product. A few months after I started using this oil, my hair became praise-worthy. Since then, my hair has become more and more smooth and it makes me happy. Every night I put 2-3 drops on my towel-dry hair. You don't have to worry about how to use this oil as the instructions that come with is written in detail as shown in the picture. This is a product that I want to use for the rest of my life.
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それからどんどんサラサラになっていくのが嬉しくて、毎晩毎晩タオルドライ後に2-3滴髪の毛に馴染ませて使っています^ ^


I use this oil when I use my straight iron. I don’t have much hair and its texture is fine so I only need 2 drops. It helps protect my hair from damage when I use the straight iron. Summer has ended and we gradually enter dry season but recently, I have discovered a new way to use this oil! This year, the condition of my skin differs from last year as when I applied makeup, the skin around my eyes and mouth is dry. I’ve always thought I had oily skin but have I been mistaken all this time? I use this oil as a base before I apply my foundation (Estee Lauder Double Wear Liquid). I put a small amount and my skin does not become dry. This is a sudden discovery but I recommend it to people who are worried about having dry skin.
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