I’ve tried many moisturizing creams, but finally settled with Nivea. The internet has come up with the theory that Nivea is the strongest — in my case, it’s the best item for my skin. I apply Nivea after face lotion, after body lotion, to my hair after I blow dry it, and even on my lips. At first I was dubious about it, then I tried the tube type. Now, I have a big blue can at home and I carry the tube in my bag so I can use it anytime! I hear a lot of comments regarding concerns about stickiness, but I guess I just put on a thin enough layer to not get that. I take a small amount into my palm and warm it until it looks transparent, then rub it onto my face. So as to not cause any damage to my face, I apply it by just covering my face with my hands gently. I put Nivea over my usual cheaper face lotion and after using it for about a month, my friends began o ask me things like, “Your skin is so clear, are you using different makeup?” Nivea, thank you for this universal product! I can never part with it lol!
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It’s already become one of my must-have products. I use it together with pearl barley lotion and my skin has become surprisingly beautiful. After splashing on pearl barley lotion, if my skin is still a bit dry, I use a pinch of Nivea. I warm up a bit in my palm and apply it over my entire face. Just doing this every day has improved the condition of my skin. My acne had been really bad up til now; my pores were enlarged and my skin was rough. Even though I saved up and bought expensive cosmetics, nothing helped... I’d given up when this method made it all better. People who are worried about acne or enlarged pores should definitely buy this! You can use it on your feet, hands, hair, whatever. It also surprisingly works for people with oily skin. I’ll keep using this til I die.
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Even though I knew about its high ratings, I got the impression that it was overly moisturizing to the point that it would make my skin all sticky, so I hesitated to buy it. However, I was still curious about it so I ended up buying the smaller size and was surprised that it was not sticky at all. Even though it’s not sticky, it still fully moisturizes my skin and makes it nice and supple. I mainly use it on my heels, but since you can use it on your whole body I’m going to buy the big size next time.
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It's definitely a reliable, easy to find cream, so I feel like I usually have some in my bag for when I need it. I don't think it's really a miracle product, but it's so moisturizing that I can't imagine anyone would dislike it. It's a bit thick, which is fine for when I use it on my hands, but if I use it on my face, I always apply it over damp skin so it spreads more comfortably. I personally don't use it on my face often, only when I'm feeling really dried out, but I've heard a lot of people like using it as a deep moisturizer.
I have lived with using Nivea all my life. It was the only thing that almost instantly fixed my sensitive skin. is the most comparable cream to La Mer that I've found so far and it's about tenth of the price which makes it even better! I would highly recommend this product for anyone looking for a quality moisturizer.
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