I'm on my 7th container of this. The main reason is that the design is really cute, but the actual cream is really good too! The aroma, texture, finish, and moisturizing power are all gooD1 I use it on my whole body after the bath, or as a base under lipstick, or even to help tame your hair...whatever. But the best way to use it is as a nail massage. After taking off my nails, I always use a bunch of Steam Cream to give my fingers a comfortable massage, and then a bit more before bed. I really recommend it. I especially love the Disney-themes containers!
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First off, the aroma is a bit like lavender and neroli, like a blend of essential oils. The texture is the kind where it's thick enough that you end up using a lot if you use it on your body, so I ran out before I knew it. It doesn''t feel very sticky, but it moisturizes really well, which I love.
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